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Ballston, VA Real Estate

Ballston is located approximately four miles from Washington, D.C. At one point, the land was owned and operated by the Ball family, who were relatives of George Washington. The historic focal point of the community is the intersection of Glebe Road and Wilson Boulevard. This intersection dates back to 1740 and is one of the oldest crossroads in Northern Virginia.

Ballston has always been an Arlington hotspot. Ballston experienced growth with the arrival of the Washington, Arlington and Falls Church trolley line in the late 1890s. By the turn of the 20th century, Ballston was beginning to take shape as a centralized neighborhood. Ballston took on a new role as a commercial center in the 1950s. With the development of Ballston Common Mall and the Washington metro rail network, the community of Ballston has become an indelible fixture in Arlington County.

Quality of Life:

Ballston is a modern, interurban community that has evolved to meet the needs of its residents. Tall apartment and condominium complexes recede to residential hamlets, offering a spectrum of living accommodations. Ballston has plenty of parks and trails for those seeking an active lifestyle. Bike riders are welcomed on designated bike lanes.

Ballston is a walkable community that offers it all. There is retail shopping at Ballston Common Mall paired with an equally inspiring array of well-seasoned restaurants. Head to the Ballston Farmers Market every Thursday during the spring and summer. The Taste of Arlington held in May generates quite the buzz. If all else fails, hop on the metro and explore the nation’s capital.

Getting Around:

Ballston is proudly known as a transit-oriented community. The Ballston Metro station on the Orange Line is only minutes away, which is ideal for the daily commute or a trip to Reagan National Airport. Both Metro and ART buses service Ballston. Glebe Road and Wilson Boulevard are the main thoroughfares through the community. I-66 is easily accessible for a drive out west or east into D.C.


Ronald Reagan National Airport:  < 10 miles.
Washington-Dulles International Airport:  < 25 miles.
Baltimore-Washington International Airport:  < 40 miles. 



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