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Brison Rohrbach


Commercial Office

510 King Street, Suite 515
Alexandria, VA 22314 Directions
Phone: 703-683-2700


Since 2003 Brison Rohrbach has specialized in the leasing and sale of Commercial Real Estate in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C.

Brison works with both Tenants and Landlords, treating each and every requirement or assignment with extreme care and attention to detail.

Embracing the core values of integrity, innovation, and quality of service, Mr. Rohrbach consistently strives to improve his working style and business acumen. His exceptional problem-solving skills “can do” spirit and tireless work ethic foster his ability to effectively eliminate conflicts between involved parties and deliver best in class results. Brison’s strong management and interpersonal skills enable him to easily work both independently and in a team setting.

Throughout his 14-year career in commercial real estate, Brison has built a reputation for developing innovative strategies to assist Tenants and Landlords.

Brison has assisted Tenants with Lease audits and renewals, site searches and selection, market analysis, and relocation. His organized, systematic and strident approach to the many phases of the Lease transaction process has significantly reduced stress levels for countless Tenants over the years.

Mr. Rohrbach has also worked with property owners, representing parties in both Leasing and Sales capacities.

As a Leasing representative, Brison has successfully worked with Landlords to devise effective, property-specific marketing strategies for small warehouse bays in obscure industrial parks to owners of amenity-rich, Class-A office product. Specifically, he has assisted property owners with accurately identifying and correcting issues related to competitive market positioning. Large or small. Expensive or inexpensive. Brison approaches all assignments with energy and passion and enjoys challenges.

 As a Sales representative, Mr. Rohrbach has assisted numerous property owners with the disposal of various commercial real estate asset types. Rent roll analysis, valuation, market research and repositioning, transaction management and accurate market forecasting are just a few of the skills Brison utilizes when working to dispose of commercial real estate.                      

Brison has developed an organizational system that has consistently achieved optimal results for his clients and is recognized for his service-driven, hands-on, results-oriented professional approach.

Brison fancies himself as a “real estate doctor” who works on challenging requirements, underperforming properties or projects where others have encountered difficulty. As such, he has produced solid, enduring results for high echelon clients including start-ups, senior political officials, lobbyists, non-profits; and large trade organizations. More than a real estate Agent, Mr.Rohrbach is a person who influences and persuades top ranking people; whose opinion is highly sought after; and whose judgment is respected and trusted.

Brison is most fulfilled when helping Tenants and Landlords save money and grow. His vision and ability to nurture relationships lead to long-term solutions, relationships, and success.

Licensed In

  • Virginia
  • Washington D.C.
  • Maryland

" I recently worked with Brison Rohrbach to locate commercial office space for my government consulting firm. We had some very specific requirements, including an ample amount of employee parking and a fairly rigid business plan that did not afford much deviation from our lease expense budget. When we first met Brison, we were looking for a small office space. We explained that there was a chance we’d need more space, but that it was dependent on several pending contracts. Brison was very responsive and showed me smaller office space options even though they would result in a smaller commission. We went long periods without much progress, as I was not sure what kind or size of space we would ultimately need. Regardless, Brison kept me informed of market activity and was extremely patient. He began the initial process by sending us reports listing office spaces that met our size, geographical and fiscal requirements, and provided us with feedback on properties he was already familiar with in an attempt to save us time and increase the efficiency of our search. It was abundantly evident that he knew the market very well. Ultimately, my firm was awarded several contracts that necessitated bringing several new staff members on board, and our office space needs increased substantially. I let Brison know what we were looking for and he immediately began to diligently search for office space that met all of our requirements. Once we were able to narrow our search to one specific property, Brison worked quickly to negotiate our lease with the landlord’s broker and kept us informed of each and every development along the way. The level of service was exceptional and Brison’s attention to detail allowed us to obtain favorable lease terms on our office space. Brison’s dependability is reinforced by his friendly, personable nature. He was a joy to work with and periodically contacts us to see how things are going. We would recommend Brison to anyone seeking a hands-­‐on, practical, ethical, professional, and motivated commercial real estate professional. "

– Rachele Cooper, Aptive Resources

" I have had the great pleasure of working with Brison Rohrbach since last June. I retained Brison's services to locate my lobbying firm's first location in Alexandria. We are currently subleasing space in the District of Columbia. When I decided the relocate the firm, Brison worked diligently to locate several viable options that matched my requirements. His market knowledge, commitment to providing excellent, prompt service with a high level of integrity has allowed me to focus on other matters as I became comfortable and confident with Brison's working style. He has consistently followed through on everything he has said he was going to do and has always had our best interests in mind. I would give Brison my highest recommendation. His unique talent set and commitment to representing us has never been in question. He made sure that the test-fit meetings occurred at the buildings we were considering as to not disrupt my schedule and allow me to gain understanding, clarity and comfort with regard to the test-fit process in relation to my office layout needs. I would describe Brison as fiercely loyal. His "can-do" approach, dependable business acumen and attention to detail made it a true pleasure to work with him. In addition to extremely high standards, Brison's negotiation skills, tenacity, sound technical knowledge and overall passion for his profession are enhanced by his personable nature and patience. I and my entire executive team would highly recommend Brison to anyone looking for a talented, ethical, professional, committed and effective commercial real estate broker."

– Howard "Buck" McKeon, McKeon Group, LLC

" My wife and I have had the great pleasure of working with Brison Rohrbach for over 2 years. We retained Brison's services to backfill vacant office space in our commercial office building on South Columbus Street in Alexandria. When we decided to hire Brison, he immediately advised us that we could collect higher rents for the office spaces in the building. He was right,and we eventually leased several spaces for rents that we thought would be too high. Brison works diligently to locate viable, creditworthy tenants for the building and has kept us informed of leasing activity on a regular basis.He provides excellent service which has allowed us to focus on other matters. Essentially, we have become comfortable and confident with Brison's work and thus we no longer have to be concerned about getting any vacancies in the building leased because we know Brison is covering it. We trust him. If we owned more commercial real estate, we would hire Brison to do the leasing. His commitment to representing us and getting us the best rents possible has been unwavering. Brison is dependable and really pays attention to the details. This has made it a true pleasure to work with him. His commitment to excellence and high standards are bolstered by his personable nature and patience. We would recommend Brison to anyone looking for a polite, ethical, professional and driven commercial real estate broker."

– Paul Birckner

" My name is Robert Lowther and I am the founder and President of The Denali Group based out of Dallas, TX. The Denali Group offers full-service owner representation services to dental practitioners nationwide. Our firm is retained by dental professionals that are seeking to open their own practices typically after spending a number of years working as an associate for another practice. We offer direction relating to site location, office design and build-out, the securization of financing, practice management consulting, relocation and management reorganization. These services are also offered on an a la carte basis as well. In February of 2015, we entered into a contractual agreement with a Dentist who was interested in opening a practice in Northern Virginia. Since we are located in Texas, we utilize the services of commercial real estate brokers that work in the area where our client is interested in opening a practice. We sent a blast email to a large number of brokerages in Northern Virginia in an attempt to locate a seasoned, reliable commercial real estate professional to assist us with the site location process. One of the brokers we reached out to was Brison Rohrbach at McEnearney Commercial. We were amazed at how quickly he responded to our email inquiry and he even went so far as to conduct a Google search to locate our comptroller who sent the email. He then called and left a very professional voice mail and subsequently followed-up again until he was contacted by one of our staff. We conducted telephone interviews with 4-5 different brokers, most of which were larger firms with national and international industry footprints. Within a short period of time, it was abundantly obvious to us that Brison was the best fit for us His kind demeanor, professional acumen, market knowledge, and sincerity projected the image we were seeking. We were not disappointed as Brison worked diligently to locate a viable site for our client to open his practice. He followed-through on everything as promised and relentlessly pursued a very challenging requirement. Ultimately, he delivered as promised. The level of customer service Brison provided us was more than exceptional and we intend on retaining his services in the future when we have another client requirement in D.C. M.D. or VA. I would recommend Brison to any business owner that is seeking a polite, professional that goes the extra mile to make a situation right for the client and makes himself available when others would not. He is loyal and treats people the way they want to be treated and is thus capable of forming a business relationship that is based on trust very quickly. It was truly a pleasure to work with him."

– Robert Lowther, The Denali Group

" Approximately one month ago I contacted Brison Rohrbach with regard to a sublease space he had listed at 8500 Leesburg Pike. At the time, I thought it would be beneficial to initiate my first office leasing experience by entering into a seemingly low-risk, short-term sublease. I was apprehensive about leasing office space as I had never done it before and knew it was a serious financial commitment. Brison was extremely informative, answering all of my questions and going out of his way to make sure I understood all of the primary terms of sublease agreements. After explaining the subleasing process, Brison asked me a series of questions including what I was trying to achieve and how I was currently addressing my office space needs. He asked me how long I had been in business and explained the economic benefits of leasing my own space as opposed to subleasing space from another party or continuing to leasing space through an executive office suites firm. Brison’s questions and subsequent explanations caused me to look closer at the economics and I quickly realized that I could afford to lease a different office space in the same building. I was able to make changes and some upgrades to the space which Brison commented “would make it feel like my own”. I really liked that. I take possession of my new office space on January 15, 2016 and am very excited. I am very glad I made the decision (with Brison’s help) to take the plunge. It was a pleasure working with Brison. His ability to explain the important issues and his likeable manner are true assets that he utilizes to do his job well. "

– Daniel Sherwell, Blue Star Software