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Lynn Raskin



Washington DC Office

4315 50th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20016 Directions
Phone: 202-552-5600

My early professional work grew out of the world hunger crisis of the 1970's that I witnessed first hand while in the Peace Corp in Africa. I left my home in Texas to take a position on the staff of Jimmy Carter's Presidential Commission on World Hunger and became a Washingtonian. I worked for several more years for a non-profit organization, called the Global Forum, which I founded to increase the awareness of Americans about developing countries.

Much of my work revolved around campaigns to ameliorate global poverty, and to increase the understanding Americans had for the Third World. From my early childhood, my family called me the "campaigner" and I bring that energy to bear in that most personal of family struggles the search for a home. Needless to say, after working on intractable global issues, it became very rewarding to help people successfully conclude their search for homes. I am always challenged and usually delighted by the changing configuration of these searches. I have observed over time that people who are selling or buying houses are often in a state close to crisis. I do my utmost to make that process as stress free, efficient and fun as possible! 

In 1999 I took a seven-month sabbatical from real estate to upgrade my computer skills and to train Realtors how to market houses online. The Internet has transformed our market place and the way houses are bought and sold as surely as it is every other market sector. I am carrying my campaign skills into the World Wide Web because I know this best serves my clients. Revolution or not, hands on, full face to face relationships in real estate remain the most important means of communication.

I am married to Marcus, who is a writer, founder of a "think tank", and professor of political theory. We have an accomplished twenty-two year old daughter and to make things lively, we have two dogs and a cat. One of my great joys is to work in my garden. Like most gardens, mine permits me to change its outlines and hues when I have time, and forbears without me when I have to neglect it.

Licensed In

  • Washington D.C.
  • Maryland

" We were out-of-town buyers who were trying to solve a Rubik's cube of challenges with one property purchase. Lynn worked patiently, tenaciously, cheerfully, and swiftly to solve the puzzle with us. As first time-purchasers we discovered that there are moments in the journey from search to settlement when having a clever, experienced, hard-working, and empathetic agent means the difference between disappointment and delight, frustration and enjoyment, and failure and success. The first point came during the search. The weekend of our visit, an event happened in Lynn's personal life that would have made most agents pass on their clients to someone else. But Lynn gave us her all. This was professionalism and commitment that went above and beyond the call of duty. The second point came during the decision-making process. Lynn gave us time on our own to talk through our feelings about the properties. When we called her 90 minutes later to report our decision, she'd anticipated our preferences, located answers to our outstanding questions about the properties, and put together an action plan for how we should proceed. It takes a great deal of perceptiveness and real estate experience to anticipate clients' needs like this, and Lynn has these qualities in spades. I ought to add that Lynn's action plan worked! We got our (gorgeous) first choice at a very competitive price, despite multiple bids on the property. At each stage in the process, buyers have to deal with additional organizations and institutions-- mortgage companies, settlement attorneys, inspectors, renovators. It's critical to have an agent with good contacts. Lynn has built up the best team in town-- a group of people and organizations who share her commitment to exemplary customer service, fast response times, and outstandingly competitive prices. They are all extremely good at their jobs. It turns out that Lynn also knows everyone else in town. Want to know what the condo board is like? She has a friend who is the past-president and she happens to know your future neighbor. Want to know whether a local business is planning to stay or go? She has a friend who can reassure you that the owner has had four offers in the last year but won't sell because it is too profitable. Lynn's background in urban planning and DC politics means that she knows and cares about the community she works in. Even after settlement, Lynn has kept working to make sure that all the loose ends are tied up. There is not a hidden cable or dripping tap in our property that she hasn't noticed and convinced someone else to fix for us. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, she has been very conscious of our professional obligations and stress levels throughout and taken a great deal on herself so that we wouldn't have to. We couldn't recommend anyone more highly."

– Dr. Aysha Pollnitz

" Now that we have a semblance of order back in our lives (only two rooms of boxes left!) we wanted to thank you for your kind assistance in helping us find our house. As you well know, we felt a measure of anxiety and uncertainty throughout the entire process. Your guidance, professional expertise, and advocacy did much to allay our fears. From electromagnetic fields to the 11th hour air conditioner crisis, we really appreciated your efforts! Please do not hesitate to call on us if you are in need of a professional reference. We would gladly recommend your services to others.With each passing day, our house is beginning to feel like home. It’s a great feeling and we couldn’t have done it without you. "

– Michael and Isa Barnet

" Lynn, of all the decisions in our home buying process, working with you was the best of them all! We deeply appreciate your time and attention in going the extra mile to make our first home purchase a positive one. Thank you, as well, for the useful gifts. We’ve already used the Checkbook to pick a local mover. We’re thrilled with our Wyndale house and are looking forward to setting up home after our wedding in June. Thank you again, please stay in touch! "

– Karla Smallidge

" Thanks for all your help – finding our new house (which we like more every day) and selling our old house (which was so painless). We appreciate your professionalism as well as your friendship. Special thanks for the ficus. It is perfect for our living room. We hope your family will come often to enjoy this house and pool with us. "

– Betty Combs

" We are sorry it has taken us so long to say thank you for the wonderful meal you dropped off for us … and for the books, the guidance and THE HOUSE! You are truly a great realtor and a great person. Thank you, thank you, thank you! "

– The Auerback Family

" Despite the grueling work that we have done this weekend, we emerged from the experience refreshed, serene and with a feeling of accomplishment. Needless to say, it is all due to your wonderful nature, professionalism and attention that you have lavished upon us. We thank you very much. "

– Gratziella Sorin

" Lynn has been our agent through our last three real estate transactions. She listed and sold my house within a month. She then helped us buy our new house and once the renovations were complete, she listed and sold our last remaining house. What is special about Lynn is her commitment to her clients’ welfare. She is knowledgeable, patient and calm and manages the process so it is not overwhelming. The purchase of our family home was complicated. Another offer had been accepted, the house belonged to the county, it had mold and needed a major renovation. Lynn made us priority one; provided the county with our offer and documentation and when the other buyer backed out, she guided us through the process of securing our home. The whole time she had a bad case of the flu. She has remained a friend and we call on her often for objective advice, guidance on renovations and resources for our home. "

– Jennifer Crawford and Maggie Hale

" Though we had never met, Lynn proved herself to be a true friend, not just a highly professional and effective realtor. She went the extra mile helping me downsize from a rambling six bedroom Chevy Chase house to my stylish Bethesda condo. She first set out to educate me on the types of living choices that were available to me. We looked at condos and small houses in Bethesda, Chevy Chase and urban DC. She gave me a financial scenario, estimating my profits from the sale of my house and the costs to purchase and carry a smaller home. Once it became clear to me that my options for a new home were attractive, Lynn managed the huge project of getting my house ready for market. In order to help me get top dollar, Lynn prepared and executed a plan that involved de-cluttering, hauling, repairing, painting, replacing, updating and ultimately staging my somewhat neglected house. Her problem solving even extended to our household pets, installing a cat door and finding a trainer for my careless dog. Lynn’s team not only got the house fixed up and beautiful, but I also used them to design and improve my new home. For an agent who is truly indispensible and a good person, I highly recommend Lynn Raskin. "

– Helena Ribe

" Thank you so much for helping me sell my condo! I really appreciate all of the information you gave me regarding informed decisions on upgrading, de-cluttering, down-sizing, and pricing. Your guidance was invaluable and always kept me on track. I felt informed and comfortable with everything that happened throughout the entire process and keeping in touch via Skype while I was out of the country was easy. You really went out of your way to assist me. Your photographer’s photos were beautiful and your contractor’s renovation of the kitchen and bathroom was stunning--I especially loved the honed marble countertop. The contractor had a good eye, performed quality work, finished two weeks ahead of the deadline, and saved me money. Ten years ago you were my agent when I purchased the condo. Even though my bid was the lowest, it was accepted because of the way you worded the contract. We closed within two weeks (during the Christmas holidays) so I could purchase the condo before the end of the year. And I remember the lawyer complementing you on an issue-free closing. I would highly recommend you to everyone I know. Thank you, again "

– Joyce Burns

" Lynn Raskin made it happen. My place had been on the market for months with another agent, and then into the dog days of DC August, late summer. I met Lynn as she had successfully sold one unit in my building – I was now out of the country and what a relief to know I could be in contact with her from abroad and entrust this major transaction (and my home of a decade!) to her competent and energetic team! … Getting the place to instant and list price sale – voila! "

– Sharon Hermanson

" I am writing to tell you how grateful I am for the help and support of one of your salespeople, Lynn Raskin, in last month’s sale of my house in DC and the purchase of our new house in Bethesda. What I would have done without Lynn I cannot imagine. In the first place, I was a terrible client. Our good friends had just lost their 21 year old son, and I was preoccupied with sadness and funeral plans, always having to stop somewhere to order flowers or make arrangements. Furthermore, I was convinced that we would never be able to afford a house that filled my family’s requirements (near the Metro, but close to DC, big enough for Mom and Dad to live with us, a large lot for a dog), so I looked at every house with a great deal of skepticism. Lynn patiently stopped at flower shops, took the time I needed, listened to what I was asking for, found the perfect home for us. What was astonishing was her intuitive knowledge of what I wanted. Lynn, a perfect stranger, seemed to understand exactly the kind of house I would like. I felt like I was working with a mind reader. In the second place, Lynn saw me through the sale of our house in the District. Though she was not representing me in that sale, she, rather than my agent, was always available to see me to the next step. One or the other of my transactions was forever falling through, and it was Lynn, not my agent, who spent hours with me on the phone explaining real estate procedure, giving advice on what I should do next, saving the deals. Now that we are finally settled into our new house, I wanted to say thanks. "

– Sharon Lundahl